Save The Dogster

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Save The Dogster is a fun and addictive puzzle game that requires you to use your creativity and quick thinking to save an adorable dog from a swarm of angry bees. With intuitive swipe controls, you must draw walls that protect the dog from the bees attack for a total of 6 seconds. Hold on and you'll win the game! Save The Dogster is the perfect game for casual gamers who enjoy puzzles and cute animals. With its beautiful graphics and engaging gameplay, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Game Features: 1. A variety of customs clearance methods: With numerous levels to unlock, you will never get bored! 2. The Swag Shop: Get Dogster the most hip accessories from the Swag Shop! 3. Easy and funny customs clearance patterns: Every level is uniquely designed, with new challenges and puzzles to solve. 4. Funny dog expressions: Keep an eye out for the adorable dog's hilarious facial expressions as you save him from the bees. 5. Puzzle and interesting levels: Each level is designed to keep you on your toes with its own unique set of challenges. Other Features: 1. Simple and easy controls 2. Relaxing background music 3. No time limits, play at your own pace 4. Suitable for all ages


How to Play 1 Simply swipe the screen to create a wall that protects the dog 2 You can keep drawing the line as long as you don 39 t let go 3 Once you 39 re satisfied with the pattern release your finger to create the wall 4 Wait for the