Merc Zone

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Merc Zone is an online multiplayer FPS game made by Blue Wizard Digital. Find your favorite weapon and fight in various game modes and maps. This stylish suit-and-tie shooter features fast-paced action and a sleek 3D aesthetic that makes you want to play more!

How to Play
Find a game
You can jump straight into battle from the home screen by pressing ‘play now’. If you want to play a custom game and select the desired mode and map, you can create your own match, or join a game on the server closest to you. There are three game types: Free for All, Last Merc Standing, and Team.

Choose your class
There are five classes to choose from in Merc Zone. Each fighter has a weapon loadout unique to them. The classes are Brock (assault), Cochese (stealth), Crazy Ed (gunner), Bingo (sniper), and Ogre (heavy).

Begin battle
Whether you’re feeling like a sharpshooter or want to go crazy with the minigun, now’s your time to take on the competition. Merc Zone is a fast-paced shooter, so you’ll want to keep moving and utilize your grenades (G) and crouch/slide maneuver (shift/C). Stay on your toes!


WASD to move
E/mouse scroll to switch weapons
Space bar to jump
F to interact
R to reload
G to throw grenades
C/Shift to crouch
Left mouse button to shoot
Right mouse button or X to aim